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Hey Alexa

  SHORT FILM: Hey Alexa (2023) — A Day in the Life of Alexa — she's a friend, helpful, smart, funny, kind. Whoever you need, she's there for you. It's all in a day's work.

Red Dog & Bates

2300 Miles, 12 Pairs of Shoes, 7 Months and 1 Extraordinary Adventure!

  ADVENTURE DOCUMENTARY: Red Dog & Bates — What they found along the way was the kindness of the Mexican people, the beauty of the land and a life-changing experience.

A Disturbing Presence

You never know what's stuffed between you
and your true love.

  FEATURE: A Disturbing Presence — A quirky, stiff, romantic comedy in a sleepy town of New Hampshire.

The Inn

He had a good life but found an even better one
in the most unlikely place.

  SHOW: The Inn — An adventure based on the experiences of three generations of family.
In Development
  Flying Into the Sun — Follow a 50 year old woman from London to Thailand as her inner and her outer lives are challenged.
In Development
  Happy Hills Farm — Set in 1969 West Virginia, this is a story of a couple and their three children, who completely change their lives.
In Development
  Don't Be Ordinary — Documentary.

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